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Cognizant Skills Accelerator

One of the biggest ways we help clients build future-ready businesses is by attracting and building a highly skilled workforce—the people who deliver the Cognizant solutions that enable businesses to anticipate and act with superhuman speed.

We’re investing in new talent pipelines across the globe—preparing people to make the most of technology that is improving everyday lives of people around the globe.

We look for applicants with the ambition and desire to work in a fast-paced technology-driven industry. Candidates who become part of our team help support and drive Cognizant’s industry-leading growth and client experience.

Our programs are available to citizens of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and the United Kingdom. Some programs may not be available in all areas.

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Tech bootcamps

Our employment Pathways serve as a conduit into Cognizant through various sponsored learning and developmental programs that meet you where you are in your technical career journey.  We believe building a strong, equitable workforce means creating multiple on-ramps that people can use to move into their desired roles.

Cognizant Pathways let you pick up new technical skills to accelerate your career in IT. After successful completion you’ll get a front-row pass into Cognizant’s career portal.

  1. Technical Assessment: Evaluate your existing IT Skill level
  2. Starting Line: Accelerate your IT skills with no-cost asynchronous training
  3. Bridge: Upskill to a high-demand technology role with custom-curated synchronous learning 
  4. New graduates: Identify the right opportunity that fits into your long-term career goals
  5. Contract-to-hire: Develop your technical skills to be day-one productive in a paid-to-learn specialized bootcamp 
  6. Apprenticeship: Earn while you learn as you master the technical skills required to be successful in the role

Due to the nature of this program, no visa sponsorship is available now or in the future and residency terms may apply.

Determine where to start

Find the box below with your education level and then down to your years of experience.


Work experience (years):
5-10+ go to Starting Line


Work experience (years):
go to Starting Line or Bridge


Work experience (years):
 go to Bridge
5-10+ go to Bridge or Apprenticeship


Work experience (years):
go to Starting Line or Bridge
2-4 go to Bridge
5-10+ go to Bridge or Apprenticeship